Other Services

We assist our clients with the import and export of their pet(s) including airfreight to any place in the world this in cooperation with The Vet’s Place and the airline companies.

We have our social responsibility in Ghana for which we are happy to inform you that we receive school classes and private persons to make everybody understand how to treat and live with a pet.

We will visit the shop, grooming, animal clinic, small children farm and all other animals on our premises to give everybody an idea how to go about animals and in particular pets.

Details of what is available at our premises:
  • We have a small children farm with goats, chicken, guinea fowl,
    Turkey, duck, geese and doves (not for sale)
  • We have a spot nose monkey which was dumped at our place
    (not for sale)
  • We have a small pond with some turtles(not for sale)
  • We have different parrots (not for Sale)
  • We have an Avery with all kind of local West African birds (not for sale)